Warm Up Your Home with a Touch of Light

When updating a space, track and accent lighting are important details that are often forgotten. Highlighting the architecture and artistic style of your home is what gives each space personality and individuality. Track and accent lighting can be used in nearly all rooms and is one of the most inexpensive ways to transform a space. Enhance your home with the small details that make a BIG difference. Call Mr. Electric Gloucester on Gloucestershire to turn your home from ordinary to extraordinary today!

Play with shadows and light to create the perfect mood. Illuminate cabinets, artwork, architecture, landscaping, swimming pools and more with the simple touch of accent or track lighting.

Below are some great tips for accent and track lighting:

  • Accent lighting
  • Highlight artwork
  • Display objects
  • Light up cabinets, nooks and alcoves
  • Illuminate a specific area for focused lighting
  • Light up gardens, shrubs, trees, and flowers
  • Make your swimming pool glow
  • Use different coloured light bulbs to create a distinctive ambience
  • Track Lighting
  • Strategically place in a work area
  • Create softer moods
  • Define separate areas
  • Illuminate a reading areas
  • Set track heads upward to create ambient lighting
  • Aim track heads downward to create task lighting
  • Tracks can support general and task lighting at the same time
  • Change the colour of the lights for a different mood
  • Re-aim, relocate, remove, or replace lights as needed
  • Lighting Walls with Accent and Track Lighting
  • Create effective wall washing
  • Display key points of interest in architecture and art
  • Emphasise textured surfaces

Set the mood of a room by playing light off paint colours, wallpapers, fabrics and wood tones
Add beauty, safety, security and function to all the rooms in your home today! Call Mr. Electric Gloucester on Gloucestershire to find out how.